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Biometric Identity Card

Biometric Identity Card For ID Card Solution

Security is the most appealing feature in any business today. Access control systems have become a vital part of the business environment. It’s a bitter truth that it’s on this feature that much money is invested. And, Biometric security as a field is currently the most trusted means. The fact that so many smartphone users have become comfortable using tools such as biometric recognition for access is an instance of the growing use of technology. Making biometric data part of an organization’s ID card system is meaningful for every secure business. In many countries, mandatory national identification systems are in practice. Introducing such a biometric national ID card/fingerprint identity card will be a boon for the public in formulating the federal structure. It’s evident that within years, most major world governments will introduce national biometric ID cards for all of their citizens.

Biometric Identity Card

Importance of Biometric ID Card

How do Biometric identity Card work?

Cards support access and physical or online identity authentication services. As the user’s biometric data is on the card, not the central database, customer information security is guaranteed. This feature would help even if banks face a cyber-attack. The biometric identifiers are checked locally and secured since they are stored only on the card. They’re never leaving the card. Undoubtedly, we can say it is the accuracy and security which makes it very much acceptable. There is no issue of exchanging, stealing, or forging biometric data, in contrast to passwords, badges, or records. Biometric authentication compares data for the characteristics of the person with the biometric template of the person to define the resemblance. Firstly. It’s the storing of a reference model. Secondly, this data compares the person’s biometric data and is verified and authenticated. Undoubtedly, BIO-IDZ can bring a revolution through biometric identification cards.

Biometric Identity Card
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How much of the world is in need of Biometric identity Card?

Times are changing, and technology is shifting at breakneck speeds worldwide. These biometric ID cards open up a new dimension in identification with an easy-to-use, portable, and secure device. Where identifying and authenticating are essential, biometric systems are brilliant. The biometric identity card enables the person to be recognized as genuine or not, as the data is unique to them. In this timely advanced world, biometrics for sure plays a brilliant role. For many different solutions, biometric ID cards apply, especially for those businesses and individuals who may need greater protection. Advanced ID Cards are more used these days by government offices & educational institutions and not just for large corporations and organizations.

Biometric id Card and various fields

The role biometrics play in forensics is remarkable. The ability to perform real-time or post- event face detection in a crowd is gaining interest in public safety. Such live face recognition in cities, at borders, or other sensitives such as stadiums or places of worship is highly gaining attention. The second generation travel document would be biometric, also known as a biometric passport. It’s also notable that many countries have set up biometric infrastructures to control migration flows to and from their territories. Other applications, primarily national identification cards, are widespread for ID. In the commercial field, banks, financial institutions, or even telecom operators can make customer mandatory KYC checks (Know Your Customer) faster and more efficiently using such biometric identity cards. It would be a great help or escape regarding the check-around and the number of formality checks we often encounter.

biometric fingerprint card
Biometric Identity Card

National integration and Safety

The other noteworthy section that would bring about a great revolution by introducing biometric identification is in terms of civil identity or voter registration. The change it could bring may even reflect in the national structure and power. They may combine digital fingerprints, an image, and an iris scan in an AFIS database (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) to link with a civil register database. The ID would ensure the citizen’s identity and uniqueness to the rest of the population in a reliable, fast, and automated way. Biometric IDs probably could add a significant step ahead in reliability and security. Biometric national id card and the databases behind them comprise the foundation of government surveillance programs that creates risks to privacy and anonymity. A biometric national ID card/ biometric chip ID card will also be vital to the concept of one person, one vote.

Need for one card, one nation

A biometric identity card depends on your cards, software, and data. And what creates its value is how you extract and use this data. In this technologically advanced world, a person’s identity is vital. In more than 100 nations, obtaining a national identification card containing a unique number and biometric identity profile is mandatory. The purpose of issuing these national identification cards in most cases is:

Growing security issues across the country have led to more frequent identity proof requests.

Bridging the gap in identity’ because formal identity is a prerequisite for growth and development.

Increased disbursement efficiency through identity verification of beneficiaries and increased clarity in the process of transfer.
biometric fingerprint card

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