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We are a Personal Identification Solutions company who are leaders in seamlessly bridging biometrics with identity. We integrate the entire ecosystem of identity, security, payment and financial technologies, in sync with the current trends and upcoming technologies. And this serves in deploying our cutting-edge solutions globally. That’s about BIO-IDZ, like the tip of an iceberg.

As you might be aware, biometric payment cards are deemed to be the future in payment transactions panning across various walks of life. And as such, I am reaching out to let you know about our latest release in the quest for a secure payment system. Life would be so much hassle free if all our payment exchange could be made convenient and secure, like in travel or buying a gift. With all this in mind and more we have introduced a complete range of, first of a kind, Contactless Biometric Prepaid Payment Cards. Travel, no worries, with globalization, the young and the old alike from all over the world are getting themselves introduced to various cultures, exotic destinations and exquisite cuisines. To make the travel devoid of distress, we have introduced a complete range of, first of a kind, Contactless Biometric Prepaid Payment Cards, which is aimed exclusively at the jet setters and the globe trotters of the modern age. It’s not just a card; it’s a multicurrency exchange at your fingertip. Want to gift a loved one, an exclusive gift card just for that purpose. A corporate can represent themselves through their employees in the form of an exclusive card. All this and more. Varied cards for various segments of life and all flawlessly connected by patented cutting edge authentication technology.

How does the tech work? The customers can authorize payments via the fingerprint sensor embedded into the fully EMV compliant card. And the Identity is authenticated and verified when our algorithm matches the owner’s fingerprint to the template stored in the card – rendering your 4-digit PIN a footnote in history.


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