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BIO-IDZ develops technological solutions for social issues. The central focus is not on the technology, but on the use. This results in products that make people’s lives easier, more pleasant and more sustainable.


Investment Opportunities

BIO-IDZ is also growing at a higher than market rate and is accelerating this growth by taking advantage of many vertical market opportunities as they become available.

This expansion means new opportunities for seasoned professionals who can help us achieve our business objectives with financial support and business acumen.

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity and you believe you can make that difference as part of our experienced management team, contact us


BIO-IDZ gets markets moving with technology that matters. Innovations realized by BIO-IDZ contribute to solutions for issues such as high-end security and mobility. To this end, new technologies are incorporated, in creative and innovative ways, into elegant, user-friendly products.


BIO-IDZ offers products and solutions worldwide, and we focus on product development, marketing, and sales. Production and logistics are carried out by its subsidiaries and suppliers. To be able to serve the local markets in many countries optimally, BIO-IDZ works together with business partners.


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